Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Organize, Organize, Organize!

I decided to reorganize all my stamp sets. So far I have Sentiments, Floral/Animals/Nature, Shapes/Frames/Borders, Holidays, and Christmas. I have a few more to figure out. May do cute also.
I have all the stamps that I have that are in the new Spring catalog and the ones that come with the Cricut Cartridges in a large organizer and some calendar type ones in the box type stamp organizer. Just started using an arc organizing system and thought those might come in handy when decorating those pages.

I have always organized them by item number. Hopefully this new way will allow me to find what I am looking for!
I put a white sticker on the upper left corner if it is retired and then i used a colored sticker in the upper right corner if it goes with one of the cricut cartridges. Red for Art Philosophy, Green for Artiste and Blue for Artbooking.

Next on to paper and ribbons!!!!

Please share your ideas to organize!

I was inspired by Bren Yule and one of her posts by how she organizes hers.


  1. LOVE your idea with the stickers for retired and for Cricuts in different colors! Nice idea! Still hard for me to decide how to organize stamps by category :-)

    1. It took me a long time to decide to do this! :) a few of them a really hard to decide on a category but really just a few :)

  2. I'm getting too many stamp sets so do need to organize them too! For now I just have them all together, except I keep Christmas ones separate. I like the idea of putting the stickers on for if retired, or if they go with a Cricut cartridge. Will look forward to your paper organizing and would love pictures!

    1. I will post a picture when I am a little further organizing! Thanks for commenting!